Past Beers

We offer a unique selection of hand crafted house brewed beers. Brewed right here in Lincolnshire, try our exceptional beers on tap or take some to-go with you!

Frozen Tundra American IPA sticker

Frozen Tundra American IPA

This Aromatic IPA is packed full of lupulin! Using a generous portion of cryogenically separated hops gives this beer a bright and clean hop profile. Tropical fruit and citrus hop flavors shine through slight caramel and biscuit malt tones. A firm but smooth bitterness leaves you craving more of this golden ale!

7% ABV

Cloud Cover IPA sticker

Cloud Cover IPA

This New England Hazy IPA is loaded with juicy hops! Huge flavors of tangerine, vanilla and berries blend with a silky smooth bitterness and mouthfeel. A massive double dry hop lends an intense aroma of citrus and mango.

7% ABV

Open Sky Amber Lager sticker

Open Sky Amber Lager

Steam beer was a blue-collar worker’s beer of choice in the 1800s. Steam filled the sky from air cooled shallow fermenters before refrigeration was commonplace…

5.3% ABV

Chieftain Session IPA sticker

Chieftain Session IPA

This sessionable IPA is packed full of fruity citrus flavors. A generous amount of wheat adds to the mouthfeel and clean refreshing finish. A firm bitterness rounds out the flavor of this palatable ale. The perfect companion to your day, rain or shine!

4.8% ABV

Meridian Wit sticker

Meridian Wit

This Belgian style Witbier is golden in color and refreshing! A strong peppery citrus aroma and crisp taste shine through thanks to the generous amount of coriander used in this ale. The traditional Belgian yeast accentuates the flavors by adding some clove like phenols to the mix. This delicious tart ale is best enjoyed between the suns rise and it’s meridian!

5.3% ABV

Tomahop Imperial IPA sticker

Tomahop Imperial IPA

This Imperial India Pale Ale is not for the faint of heart! A huge upfront hop bitterness lingers on the tongue through each sip. A strong aroma of floral, pine and grapefruit follow through to sticky resinous warming esters and massive hop flavor with a very dry finish.

9% ABV

Coffee Infused Iron Horse Porter sticker

Coffee Infused Iron Horse Porter

Pedestrian Coffee helped to infuse our porter with a hefty dose of fresh roasted beans! The toasted caramel sweetness of this porter blends harmoniously with these Mexican beans

6.4% ABV

Blackhawk Stout sticker

Blackhawk Stout

This bold brew is sure to satisfy the most refined of palates! Big coffee and chocolate notes follow into the finish. Roasted grains and a slight grapefruit hop flavor dominate the profile. A firm bitterness greets your senses as this ale finishes dry. This dark beer is sure to make you soar through the day!

6.2% ABV

Spirit Walk Mango IPA sticker

Spirit Walk Mango IPA

This double hazy IPA is loaded with tropical fruit flavors! Citrus and stone fruit hop flavors meet with loads of mangoes to create a harmonious blend. Huge aromas from the triple dry hop and a full mouthfeel from oats give this ale the perfect balance of big fruit and juicy hops!

7.75% ABV

Hideaway Stout sticker

Hideaway Stout

We teamed up with our friends from the band Mungion to bring you this full bodied stout! Huge aromas of Maple meet with vanilla, granola and chocolate. Smooth layers of roasted caramel and toffee are balanced by the hop bitterness.

7% ABV

Warrior Paint Imperial Coffee Stout sticker

Warrior Paint Imperial Coffee Stout

This giant stout was brewed with Mexican coffee beans from the local roasters at Newport Coffee House. Huge aromas of chocolate and coffee meet in the glass. Notes of caramel sweetness and roasted grains blend with fruity esters and dark chocolate. If you enjoy this full bodied ale, come back next winter and try it after it has aged in Buffalo Trace Whiskey barrels!

10.75% ABV

Barrel-Aged Coffee Stout sticker

Barrel-Aged Warrior Paint Imperial Coffee Stout

This stout spent a year in Willett Bourbon barrels. Smooth flavors of Bourbon and oak blend with sweet dark chocolate and toffee. A moderate bitterness balances the silky smooth mouthfeel. This beer evolves in complexity as it warms!

12% ABV

Barrel-Aged Peanut Butter sticker

Barrel-Aged Warrior Paint – Peanut Butter

This beer was aged for a year in Willett Bourbon Barrels. Huge flavors of chocolate and caramel blend with nutty peanut butter. An earthy bitterness rounds out the toasted malt sweetness. Finishes with big notes of peanut butter! This beer gains complexity as it warms in the glass!

12.0% ABV

Barrel-Aged S’mores sticker

Barrel-Aged Warrior Paint – S’mores

This stout was aged on year in Willett Bourbon Barrels. Decadent chocolate mixes with vanilla and Bourbon. Creamy honey and graham cracker meet with rich caramel sweetness. Enjoy this beer while it warms by the campfire and gains complexity!

12.0% ABV

Three Fires Belgian Tripel sticker

Three Fires Belgian Tripel

Inspired by monasteries hundreds of years old, this traditional Belgian Style Tripel fills the glass with fruity esters and spicy phenols. A moderate earthy hop bitterness blends with a delicate malt character. Finishes effervescent and dry.

10.1% ABV

Jerarca De Leche sticker

Jerarca De Leche

We teamed up with our friends at Lake Zurich Brewing to bring you this Horchata white stout! Brewed with rice and lactose for a sweet finish and big mouthfeel. Huge notes of vanilla blend with spicy cinnamon. Look out for the rum barrel aged version coming next year!

8% ABV

Oktoberfest sticker


This traditional German lager is crisp and refreshing! Caramel and biscuit malt notes are balanced with a slight but firm hop presence.

6.5% ABV

Nira Bay Tangerine Hard Seltzer sticker

Nira Bay Tangerine Hard Seltzer

The light and refreshing tangerine flavor is a go to for patio sipping. Perfectly balanced to give you a subtle flavor while not overwhelming your taste buds.

5.0% ABV

Nira Bay Black Cherry Hard Seltzer sticker

Nira Bay Black Cherry Hard Seltzer

This seltzer is dry and crisp! A thirst quenching flood of black cherries make this a pleasant addition to any day!

5.0% ABV

Nira Bay Lime Hard Seltzer sticker

Nira Bay Lime Hard Seltzer

Refreshing lime with a dry finish sure to quench your thirst!

5.0% ABV

Nira Bay Pineapple Hard Seltzer sticker

Nira Bay Pineapple Hard Seltzer

A perfect patio companion! This seltzer is brimming with pineapple aroma and flavor. Slightly tart and dry, this one is sure to quench your thirst!

5.0% ABV

Cherry Vanilla Sour sticker

Cherry Vanilla Sour

This sour ale is packed full of fruit! The tartness is balanced with sweet cherry pit and aromatic vanilla beans. Huge aromas follow through the entire pour. The combination blends harmoniously leaving you wanting another refreshing glass full!

5.5% ABV

Frozen Rainbow sticker

Frozen Rainbow

This Rainbow Sherbet Milkshake IPA is loaded with flavor! Lime, orange, and raspberry fruit meet with tropical hop notes. A big dry hop and a touch of lactose give this beer a wonderful aroma and a sweet finish.

6.0% ABV

Solstice Dream sticker

Solstice Dream

Big notes of orange and vanilla blend with a huge charge of grapefruit forward hops in this Milkshake IPA. A sweet finish from the lactose makes for a big mouthfeel and a balanced bitterness. This Double Hazy Milkshake IPA is sure to transport you into a Solstice Dream!

9.0% ABV

Fremont Fruited Sour sticker

Fremont Fruited Sour

Raspberry, pink guava, and intense flavors of passionfruit burst out of this fruited sour ale. It’s tart and sweet with a refreshing finish. The deep berry color shines through in the sunlight, making it the perfect pairing for summer.

6.25% ABV

Diamond Lakes Finest Pilsner sticcker

Diamond Lakes Finest Pilsner

We brewed this Classic American Pilsner with our friends at Crystal lake Brewing! 6 row and corn lend a unique malty sweetness that balances the moderate bitterness provided by Cluster hops. Brewed as lagers were before prohibition, this full bodied, full flavored lager is sure to bring you tight lines!

6.5% ABV

Ela Smoothie sticker

Ela Smoothie

Big banana and pineapple notes combine with malt and hops to create a blend of tropical flavors! Fruity sweetness is balanced by slightly tart pineapple notes and hop bitterness. Turn any venue into a tropical island!

7.5% ABV

Alectrolyte sticker


We have combined the best parts of a sports drink with the best parts of an ale to bring you this mashup! Fruity and sweet, with just enough saltiness to quench your thirst and leave you wanting more.

7.75% ABV

Aces And 8s sticker

Aces and 8s

In a poker game, aces and 8s, or a dead man’s hand, is a stacked hand, So is this beer! It was brewed exclusively with Sorachi Ace hops and rings in at 8% ABV. Big flavors of coconut and mango mix with lemon and vanilla. Fruity esters and a full bodied sweetness, provided in part by lactose, finish off this hazy ale. We are sure you will be all in on this one!

8% ABV

Lincolnshire Lager sticker

Lincolnshire Lager

This pilsner is refreshing and thirst quenching! It is full of bready cracker malt tones and a smooth bitterness. Crispy, balanced and full of Lake County!

5.25% ABV

Tomahop With Dragonfruit sticker

Tomahop With Dragonfruit

Boasting huge color and flavor, this infused Imperial IPA has a big fruity aroma that lingers in the glass and through each sip. A moderate bitterness and sticky resinous warming esters blend with massive tropical fruit hop flavor and Dragon Fruit essence. Finishes slightly sweet and spicy.

7.75% ABV

Malted Milk Stout sticker

Malted Milk Stout

This stout is brewed with malted milk, vanilla and cocoa nibs.

Barrel Aged Cake Stout sticker

Barrel Aged Cake Double Pastry Stout

Waves and waves of chocolate collide with vanilla and coconut. Huge mouthfeel and sweetness blend with oak tannins and warming esters. Dark roasted grains and more chocolate meet with intense barrel character to provide a one-of-a-kind treat!

Double Coffee Barrel Aged Warrior Paint sticker

Double Coffee Barrel Aged Warrior Paint

We doubled the coffee in our Warrior Paint for this release! Expect huge aromas from the beans to meet with vanilla and oak from the year it spent in Tattersall rye barrels.

13% ABV

Limited 2021 Release Barrel sticker

Limited 2021 Release Barrel Aged Warrior Paint

This stout spent a year in Tattersall Rye barrels. Smooth flavors of Bourbon and oak blend with sweet dark chocolate and toffee. A moderate bitterness balances the silky smooth mouthfeel. This beer evolves in complexity as it warms!

13% ABV

Half The Lamp sticker

Half The Lamp

Collaboration with Light The Lamp Brewery.