Perhaps most intriguing about Half Day is its name, which provokes more interest and debate than any other place name in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Contrary to popular theory, the town of Half Day was not named because it was a half day’s journey from Chicago. The town’s true name was Halfda in honor of a friendly chief.

Chief Atakisic (Aphis), of the Potawatomie tribe was a Native American leader of great standing in this area in the early 1800’s. The friendly tribes of Potawatomie Indians were the first settlers to arrive in 1730 in what is now known as Lincolnshire.

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It’s a clean and simple pale lager and one of the more popular beer varieties.


Stouts have an unclear history, yet it’s strongly held by many that they derive from porters.


It’s a very old style beer, whose history dates back to unhopped ales.

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The menu will feature artesian hand tossed Pizza made in our wood fired oven with a very thin crust and exceptional flavor profiles. A super thin crust cooks fast and service times will be quick and easy to accommodate large families, groups and events. House made chips, Dutch oven steamed mussels, truffle deviled eggs, proprietary ground beef blend hand patty burgers, Braised Beef of the Day and baked pasta dishes are highlights of our Inspired Gastro-Pub fare.

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